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Wi-Fi Solutions

Our Wi-Fi portfolio is the culmination of our knowledge of wireless technologies, our unsurpassed partner ecosystem and solutions led sales approach to deliver world class managed enterprise solutions.

The first choice for Wi-Fi

When you choose FastNet for your Wi-Fi solution you will benefit from our extensive acquisition and deployment experience of the largest footprint of Wi-Fi venues across South Africa. Our portfolio extends to many forms of business and Wi-Fi solutions, as well as a full service model for Wi-Fi design, deployment, business continuity, remote management and field support.

Our class leading iF@st solution includes analytics which extends beyond the login details provided by users. This enables the ability to target users with promotional initiatives and advertising messages. With iF@st, your customers will come more often, stay longer and visit again – especially all good for your retail business.

For hospitality, education, or medical businesses, FastNet offers payment models to extend Wi-Fi usage. Using our management platforms, multi-site customer hierarchical Internet and usage profile management is provided (e.g.: for walk-in, day-pass or frequent visitors).FastNet can manage customer lists across national branches and build splash pages to the exacting specifications of any facility.

How does FastNet cater for you?

With our vast experience in the Wi-Fi ecosystem, FastNet offers several choices from which to choose including:

  • Integrated paid-for solutions in hotels, conference or medical facilities
  • Secure employee access control
  • Content push for educational institutions
  • Retail device connectivity
  • Location services
Complement your business with our integrated approach and extensive expertise in enterprise connectivity. As leaders in secure access and fail over business continuity, we customise your Wi-Fi ecosystem to align with your enterprise needs. Corporates can offer BYOD, setup access via AD or manual lists at head-office sites or in staff common areas.

Beyond Standard Wi-FiĀ Businesses seeking pure venue based models, or specialised deployment models (such as mines, malls, transport zones or farms), our product model extends to include site surveys, customised network design plus dedicated and secure Internet access. Service cover periods for support and maintenance can be customised.

Customers are offered a range of technology options including Open Mesh, Ruckus, Cisco, Huawei, Ubiquiti or MikroTik network connectivity, fixed or mobile broadband, fibre or alternative wireless access all designed to meet your unique circumstances.

Community Wi-Fi

FastNet manages the largest footprint of Wi-Fi venues in South Africa (5 500 advertised venues as at 2017). This is done on behalf of Openserve, who are converting and deploying these hotspots to open access, with FastNet as a technology partner.