iF@st Retail Wi-Fi

iF@st is a powerful set of tools that helps enterprises improve the overall customer experience. With iF@st, businesses can offer high quality Wi-Fi at branch level to drive up loyalty, increase in-store spend and improve understanding of customer decisions.

Who is it meant for?
iF@st enables CMOs and CIOs in retail, hospitality, healthcare and tourism to offer freemium, secure Wi-Fi Internet at their branches. As a reward, retail marketers can legally interact with customers via their smart devices. iF@st allows businesses to enrich CRM and loyalty databases. iF@st can be also be configured to drive customers to social pages, track customers across any brick-and-mortar branch, reward customers with offers and receive completed product surveys.

 How easy is it to get started?
Within a digital framework, FastNet can create branded splash pages or apps. FastNet then sets up the Wi-Fi system throughout the branch network. The business should then create free Wi-Fi awareness amongst customers, encouraging them to interact with the system. The more the customers use it, the better the quality of data obtained. Reports can be drawn daily.

Why iF@st from FastNet?
High performance Wi-Fi is a powerful incentive for customers to stay longer in a branch. iF@st works best over uncapped Internet (FastNet). The business just has to refresh product information and setup campaigns via a portal, while FastNet manages the bits and bytes. FastNet monitors and offers reactive technical support to all businesses or branches.

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