Wi-Fi Solutions

The FastNet Wi-Fi claim to fame

A strong highlight in FastNet’s experience in Wi-Fi solutions is the acquisition and deployment the largest footprint of Wi-Fi venues in South Africa. Its portfolio extends to several forms of enterprise and specialised Wi-Fi solutions. FastNet also offers a full service model for Wi-Fi design, deployment, remote management and field support.

A solution for any type of business

Our flagship retail offering, iF@st combines fixed, uncapped internet access to site, analytics and reporting, remote management and field support; together with design of branded splash pages, and hierarchical access for all the enterprise users (marketing, IT or finance divisions). 

For hospitality, education, or medical businesses, FastNet offers payment models to extend Wi-Fi usage. Using its centralised management platforms, FastNet offers multi-site customer hierarchical internet and usage profile management, for say walk-in, day-pass or frequent visitors. FastNet can manage customer lists across national enterprise branches, and build customised splash pages to cater for enterprises unique marketing strategies.  

Larger retailers can offer coupons and interact with their customers’ end-user devices via social media, including integrating their loyalty programme into the in-store Wi-Fi system. FastNet’s Wi-Fi platform capabilities fits into several solution models, to cater for diverse enterprise requirements, no matter which vertical industry within which they operate. Tools for policy control, end-customer behaviour and analytics can be deployed centrally to manage customer service branches.  

Corporates can offer BYOD, setup access via AD or manual lists at head-office sites, staff common areas or hostels. 

Beyond standard

To enterprises seeking pure venue based models, or specialised deployment models such as mines, malls, transport zones or farms, we extend our product model with site surveys, customised network design and dedicated, secure internet access for enterprises. Service cover periods for support and maintenance can be customised. 

Customers are offered a range of technology options (Ruckus, Cisco, Huawei or MikroTik) and network connectivity (fixed or mobile broadband, fibre or alternative wireless access); designed to their unique circumstances.

Last but not least

FastNet is known for going the extra mile for customers. FastNet offers bundle Wi-Fi solutions or commoditised components from its product basket. It is able to offer specialised Wi-Fi solutions for point of sale transactions, mining and industrial applications and even public sector open access or closed deployments.  

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