Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi is just a means-to-an-end in our solutions based approach. From helping to increase direct marketing to retailers, to offering multi-profile employee and guest Wi-Fi, to managed solutions for medical, ICT, government and industrial enterprises; FastNet is the de facto, one-stop Wi-Fi solutions provider in SA.

Retail Solutions

A strong benefit as far as FastNet’s experience in Wi-Fi solutions goes is our acquisition and deployment of the largest footprint of Wi-Fi venues across South Africa. Our portfolio extends to several forms of business and Wi-Fi solutions, as well as a full service model for Wi-Fi design, deployment, remote management and field support.

A solution for any type of business

  • Our flagship retail offering, iF@st combines:
  • Fixed, uncapped Internet access to the Web.
  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Remote management and field support.
  • Design of branded splash pages.
  • Hierarchical access for all business users (marketing, IT or finance divisions).

Customer portal access: Larger retailers can offer coupons and interact with their customers digitally via social media, (including integrating their loyalty programme/s into the in-store Wi-Fi system). FastNet’s Wi-Fi platform capabilities fits into several solution models, catering to a diverse array of any enterprises requirements, no matter which vertical industry they may operate in. Tools for policy control, end-customer interactions and analytics can be deployed centrally to manage customer service branches.

iF@st Retail Wi-Fi

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Telkom Wi-Fi

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Hospitality and Corporate Wi-Fi

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