Payment Connectivity

FastNet has led the inception and evolution in Payment Connectivity in South Africa. It remains the preferred partner for businesses in need of meeting the demands and expectations of today’s digital era (e.g.: the banking and retail sectors).

FastNet Payment Connectivity includes:

  • Reliable banking terminals over 2G & 3G/HSDPA with PCI compliancy.
  • Certified to meet version 3.2 of the payment card industry security standards.
  • POS connectivity bundles are available to support one or more standalone credit card terminals within banking environments.
  • POS Bank Reseller models services are built to support businesses with integrated systems for bulk connectivity from a single or multiple sites into the bank.
  • POS SIM card offerings support for hand held devices, including loyalty and prepayment terminals.

For more details on Point of Sale solutions click below:

  1. POS Connectivity Bundles
  2. POS Bank Reseller Models
  3. POS SIM Card

POS Connectivity Bundles

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Bank Reseller Models

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POS SIM Services

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