Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of business optimisation, bringing together a variety of uniquely identifiable endpoints that communicate together without the need for human interaction. IoT is driven by the need for digitalisation whether it be physical premises (Facilities), objects (Assets) or people. This is achieved either through the application of sensors and devices, bringing connectivity to existing systems or providing employees with remote capabilities. FastNet has extensive experience across all aspects of IoT including wireless connectivity, technology design and development, and business analysis and systems optimization. Together, these bring a range of solutions to suit your business requirements.

Once digitalisation has been achieved it is possible to introduce significant automation and start to allow increased interaction between different systems. The combination of automation and interaction with the surrounding environment begins to allow people, processes and things to operate seamlessly together. It is then possible to add effective analytics and the ability for the system to learn as it develops. This bringing together of separate, complex processes and enabling them to operate as a single, converged system that automatically responds to new information is what IoT is all about.

FastNet Internet of Things Solutions


Bespoke IoT Development

  • FastNet has developed internal IoT consulting expertise to assist customers in the development of IoT solutions that are appropriate for their business.
  • Experienced FastNet consultants provide services including gap analyses, internal workshops facilitation, business case development, return on investment (ROI) analysis, and mapping of business processes.
  • On the technical side, FastNet’s engineering capabilities include hardware, software, networking and communications expertise.
  • While there is already a wide range of IoT products on the market, some customers require tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.
  • This might include the creation of specific sensors and devices to capture information, designing a web-based platform to display the findings or developing an app that end-users can utilise to act on the output.
  • Technical outputs include viability studies, technical specification documents, pilot testing, hardware sourcing, and solution architecture design.


FastNet Framework for IoT Development


  1. Facilities
  • The application of IoT provides a myriad of opportunities with respect to physical premises, allowing customers to centralise their activities into a single, “Internet of Buildings” portfolio that enhances facilities management.
  • FastNet provides solutions for the broad ambit of building requirements including energy management, water monitoring, condition monitoring, occupancy and space management, access control and security.
  • The digitalisation of facilities can be further enhanced through integration with other processes such as billing, supply chain management, and human resources.
  1. Assets
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) is long-established with respect to vehicles and moving assets and IoT will enhance these solutions considerably.
  • FastNet offers a complete fleet management system that provides remote management and tracking of both powered and unpowered assets, a range of add-ons to enhance cargo-specific monitoring and detailed reporting to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory and industry requirements.
  • A key consideration is providing a detailed view of in-transit assets, as distinct from the means of transport, in order to provide an accurate view of the condition of the asset as a result of changes in conditions such as temperature, moisture content and open/closed status, as well as movement (vibration) and location.
  1. People
  • FastNet’s people solutions focus on the need to provide individuals with remote, real-time and reliable access to a variety of functions and processes.
  • Key determinants in any IoT solution include whether employees need to be connected to assets or facilities, how that information is provided and presented, plus the provision of potential responses and actions that could follow.
  • Amongst the key considerations for people-centered solutions are the creation of process rules, appropriate analysis and decision-making, and the ability to adjust parameters as more information becomes available.
  • In addition, some specific IoT systems focus on workforce enablement including space management, security and access control, and remote workforce monitoring.


IoT Connectivity Solutions

  • Connectivity is a critical component of any IoT solution and different communications protocols – and combinations of these – can be employed by FastNet depending on the particular requirements.
  • FastNet’s expertise in connectivity covers the full range of wireless communications solutions including GSM, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and Bluetooth solutions.
  • FastNet has long-established expertise in wireless connectivity for Machine-to-Machine systems, from the secure transmission of Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions to the creation of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and management of Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • In addition, FastNet has built and manages a broad-ranging LoRa (Long Range) LPWAN that provides an alternative means of connectivity suited specifically to IoT functions.
  • FastNet’s SIM Services allow for the management of GSM-based solutions across South Africa’s main cellular networks (Telkom Mobile, Vodacom and MTN). Benefits include the ability to share data bundles across multiple networks, consolidated data rates, built-in security, and access to an on-line management portal.

Internet of Things – Products

Mining Solutions:

  • Remote generator monitoring and control
  • People and Asset Tracking
  • Remote smart locking solution
  • Critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management
  • Workforce enablement

Retail Solutions

  • Facilities and environmental monitoring
  • Food processing automation and control
  • Micro-tracking of people or assets
  • Supply chain integrity assurance

Logistics Solutions

  • Cargo condition monitoring and tracking
  • Location-based smart locking
  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Theft and intrusion detection and notifications

Facilities Management Solutions

  • Environmental condition monitoring and control
  • Equipment efficiency management
  • People flow and occupancy tracking
  • Access management

Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Factory KPI management
  • Municipal water metering and optimisation
  • Remote pipeline monitoring (including CP, pressure, slow, temperature)
  • Factory OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

Smart City Solutions

  • Data collection for water and electricity billing
  • People flow tracking and route optimisation
  • Equipment and environmental monitoring
  • Water facilities monitoring and control

SIM Services

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Energy Monitoring

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Temperature Monitoring

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Asset & Vehicle Tracking

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Generator Monitoring

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