Internet of Things

What is the internet of things?  Sometimes just shortened to “IoT”, it defines the next wave in business automation and optimisation.

As an example, let’s say you own a supermarket.  There are many things you might like to keep tabs on because they affect your profit, for instance :

  • Electricity Use
  • Temperature of your fridges and cold stores
  • The number of people coming into the store

Using technology from FastNet all these are possible.  The system runs in the background letting you get on with running your business and only alerts you if there’s a problem.  For instance, you may have set an alarm to go off if the freezer temperature goes higher than -10C.  When that happens, the system will automatically send you an SMS message or an email.


#ArmOut is a Remote Alarm and Access Management device that connects to established alarm systems for property owners to set, view and control their property remotely.

Ian Duvenage, Executive of IoT at FastNet, announced the product launch today, inviting the first 50 customers to register to the product website,, to secure an opportunity to beta test the product. It is the ideal time to test the product, as businesses leave for summer vacation.

More information on the product can be obtained from the FastNet team, 0860FASTNET.

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