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What our customers are saying.

Shalendra Singh

IT Systems Manager

A positive customer experience is a vital part of our business, so it is crucial for us to ensure that our stores run smoothly. FastNet’s extensive product range has really helped our business achieve this.

Neil de Jager

Group Marketing Manager

The technology provided by FastNet has enabled our team to provide our customers with the best possible service levels. Equipping our team with the necessary technological tools has afforded us speed, choice and convenience, adding a positive outlook on our growth forecast.

A great big thank you for the splendid service. We were experiencing difficulties with our mobile network and the FastNet team went out of its way to address my concerns and keep me mobile with the very best signal possible. It’s fantastic to know that some service providers still have their customer’s needs at heart, no matter what happens. I will always use FastNet and will recommend your product….

PJ Chambers

Financial Executive

Tiger Wheel & Tyre have used FastNet’s devices for over 10 years in many of our stores across the country. We have only had great service and reliability from FastNet and there has never been an unresolved problem. FastNet have always met the deadlines we have set for them, including those involving the pressure of new store openings!